Kas Chronicles

A place I love to frequent ……..kas. With every passing year this place has been and will stay on to attract me. Kas is a surreal destination in the lap of Satara. Nestled between the backwaters of Kaneher dam and Urmodi dam, kas is a land rich in wild flowers.

Kas near satara has been in limelight this year, covered by all newspapers and almost every travel magazine, in-flight magazines. Kas, has opened up doors to more and more of its admirers.

A trip to Kas in the first week of Sept ’10 remained worthless. The rains kept lashing and so the winds. Spotting flowers was far, we couldn’t even gain ground for couple of minutes because of the wind.

The October 2nd weekend was the ideal time to visit kas and we set out on 1st Oct late in the night. We reached Kas at 4 am. We have been visiting kas regularly last 4 years and in retrospect we expected only a handful of vehicles at this serene location. As we reached the Kas plateau we were in between a sea of vehicles, a never before experience.

Kas showcased a lesser bloom this year as compared to before. We went this year with the sole intention of photographing Drossera Indica and Drossera Burmani. It took Amit 1 hour to locate these flowers. They are insectivorous flowers and so minute that one can easily neglect them. Both Drossera Indica and Drossera Burmani are beautiful to the core and no wonder insects fall prey to them.

The vehicles were one thing to deal with and rest the crowd, but everyone wanted to experience their share of this dreamland.  Kas was enveloped in a blanket of grey and sunlight made only occasional appearances making the landscapes lively. The only landscape photographs we managed were during twilight. We scanned the very length and breadth for new species of flowers and returned photographing only a handful.

The list of flowers we spotted –  (following are the local names)

Drosera Indica, Drosera Burmani , Kandil Kharchudi , Deepkadi , Balsam , Seetechi aswe , Nili Papni,  Abhali , Gend , Kawla , Karvi , Jartari , Hirvi habe amri , Gulabi Shevra , Jambhli Manjiri , Chawar , waytura.

On the way back we visited the Kas Dam. A  placid lake, deep blue sky and the hues of green grass  offered striking landscapes.

Photo by – Amit Rane

Text by – Jyoti Rane

For more photos on Kas visit – http://www.myodysseys.com/Trips/Maharashtra/Satara%20Kas/Kas/Kas.html

Previous Blog on Kas – http://jyotirane.blogspot.com/2010/03/flowerland-called-kas.html


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