Anjarle Beach, Dapoli, Maharashtra

Anjarle Beach, Dapoli – Maharashtra

Text – Jyoti Rane

Photos – Amit Rane & Jyoti Rane



Anjarle beach as seen from opposite hillock


The estuary as seen from Anjarle

Anjarle is a sleepy wave beaten, secluded village on the coastal belt of Konkan. Anjarle is set off in an alcove along the hilly terrain of the Ratnagiri stretch. The vast beach is a beauty to be admired, a clean sweep of silvery white sands.


Birds eye view of Anjarle beach and the beautiful winding roads

Anjarle lies in close reach of Dapoli, Ratnagiri. Bankot marks the start of Ratnagiri. The end of Raigad district is marked by the known Harihareshwar beach which dwindles under the huge presence of the backwaters which demarcate the Raigad and Ratnagiri district. The landscapes here are marked by the huge presence of the alluring sea and roads running parallel to them. There are two approaches to this place 1. Along the Vashi-  Panvel – Mahad – Khed- Dapoli route and 2. Vashi- Panvel- Mangaon – Shrivardhan – Harihareshwar and from Harihareshwar take a jetty to Bankot and drive further 40 kms to Anjarle. The former route is better as saves a lot of time.


Close-up Anjarle beach

I drove along the Anjarle village and camped up in close vicinity on a hill along the coastline overlooking the Anjarle village and beach. The hills overlooking offered a bird’s eye view of the huge Anjarle beach and surroundings cut off from the hillock by a big estuary running inland. The ivory sands of the boomerang shaped beach were least spotted with people. The mid-day sun also failed to wipe out the light traces of the mist over the beach. The dazzling water swayed with the warm wind. A bullock cart pulled at full speed along the fringes of the beach. Along one side the big estuary was crossed by villagers commuting between the adjacent villages.


Ferries crossing the estuary

I sat watching this show across the afternoon hours. The sun was all set to meet the horizon, and yet only a hand count of people explored the beach. The cold wind now gushed in my ears numbing senses. The constant lashing of the waves and the wind served liked a reverie which was broken by my daughter’s fighting with her cousin. Having settled the matter and being back to myself, I was again pulled in the embrace, nature had to offer.


Mihika and me at campsite


Boys playing against the setting sun

The setting sun had torched on the waters below and a lone silhouetted ship in its radar seemed to be gliding on golden waters. The setting sun left to illuminate the other side of the world leaving the sky here painted in saffron and pink. The wind got chiller and I continued to stay on for a show of stars. Very soon the sky turned ebony and the village on the hill behind me lit up. A feeble blue heavenly light lit the sea floor. The beach appeared engulfed in the darkness. As I waited for the stars to show, the stark black beach below me appeared studded with moving stars. Of course there were people scanning the beach with torch lights, but the view appeared phenomenal. The beach combers who personified the sky on beach were actually fishermen catching shellfish as the high tide had started hitting the shore.


Vehicle trails and the beautiful blue light after sunset

The stars had just started to turn up, and I had yet another remarkable experience lined up. Amit was practising  star trail photography. The constellations came brighter as the night wore on. Observing the stars was a arresting experience for me , but the kids soon gave up on patience. The cold was biting now and everything around dark and serene. We sat under the star studded sky sharing the last resource of snacks and fruits we had. The kids got busy eating and Amit was spared so more valuable time. The outcome of the star trail photography was of course unearthly. As you can see in the below pic , the movement of the stars and the trails on land are the fisherman combing the beach.


The kids couldn’t co-operate any further and we decided to go back. The kids spared a lot of time for Amit & me to observe around. I thus moved out reluctant from the nature’s embrace to the comfort of my hotel room. Having spent a day along the beautiful Anjarle has therefore etched as an everlasting memory.

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